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REQUIRED DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a licensed doctor. I do NOT give medical advice or diagnosis. All information given to clients is for educational and informational purposes only and should be used at your own risk. Additionally, this information is NOT meant to replace the advice of your naturopath, medical doctor, psychologists or health care provider of your choice.

Janette's Radio Interview with CCHR (The Citizens Commission on Human Rights) a World Wide Organization!

Topic: Alternatives for Dangerous Psychiatric Drugs.

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   You've found a place where Mind, Body and Spirit are honored. Through private consultations with me, individualized nutritional and or alternative medicine recommendations are given, as well as a variety of ancient time honored healing techniques. I believe a holistic lifestyle will put you on the path to wellness. My passion for creating optimal health for my family has lead me to you! My mission is to offer the best modalities of healing, positively impact the lives of others, educate and empower.

   Take a look around my site and don't be shy to ask a question. I hope you enjoy the information you find here and I look forward to meeting you real soon!



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