"Since attending your meditation I have developed so much peace with things that I can not control or change. I've even transformed my bedroom
into a relaxing place tomeditate to keep what I've got going."


" Your meditation has helped me to know that there is much more to us than just this skin and bones!"



      Holistic Nutrition



 (Naturopathic Dr. who recently seen me for Reiki).
"Dr. D and I (Mrs. D.) had a session last week with Reiki Master Janette. She was an excellent practitioner and we both felt relaxed and less stressed afterward! New ideas and experiences makes the brain create new synapses between neurons. This keeps your brain healthy and you learn and retain new information better! The mind and body both benefit from meditative activities such as Reiki. Thank you Janette!"

"In a peaceful state of mind thanks to Reiki with Janette Laguna"

"Nailed my meeting! They’re on board for partnering. Thanks for your help Reiki made the world of difference!"

"Three days later, still feeling Zen!"

"Janette thank you so much for coming over and performing Reiki on me. Since you left on Sunday I have been in a more calm, peaceful and serene state. Even people at work noticed that I seemed happier and less stressed. I am looking forward to our next session!"

"I had been extremely stressed out emotionally. With that in mind I could no longer focus on my relationships and finances. Janette Laguna introduced me to Reiki. Oh My Gosh, after my Reiki session I felt so peaceful. I no longer felt stressed out emotionally and that helped me to focus and improved my relationships and financial affairs. I now have Reiki sessions twice a month. Thank you Janette Laguna for your guidance and wisdom."


Holistic Wellness  
 "Word of the day: Rejuvenated! Your class has been so therapeutic for me. It has just gotten better. Cecilia & I were just talking about it this morning. You have made a difference.Thank you & Namaste!"